Contact: Kristin Syverud

RISE PFI has considerable research activities within nanocellulose production and modification, as well as a vast range of applications like

Paper and packaging
– Printing paper
– Barrier properties
– Plastic substitutes

Rheology and emulsions
– Enhanced oil recovery
– Drilling fluids
– Paint
– Foodstuffs
– Personal care products and detergents
– Cement

Medical applications
– Wound healing
– Tissue engineering
– Drug delivery

RISE PFI works to obtain increased control of both cellulose and carbohydrate polymer building blocks at molecular, nano and macroscale levels. By combining nanocellulose with other materials and understanding synergies, our abilities to tailor material properties are even broader.

Every second year RISE PFI arrange the conference “Recent advances in cellulose nanotechnology research”, an arena for discussions and exchange of knowledge and ideas, highly appreciated by the attendances.

RISE PFI works closely with companies that already produce or intend to produce or utilize nanocellulose and carbohydrate polymers in their products.