Contact: Lars Johansson.

Optimized and efficient technologies for conversion of sustainable raw materials into innovative and functionalized fiber-based products are a central research area at RISE PFI.

Forest-based ligno-cellulosic biopolymers are expected to play a major role in the transition from fossil-based industries and products towards a resource-efficient and sustainable bio-economy. Effective and optimized conversion technologies are a pre-requisite to fully utilize the potential of ligno-cellulosic fibres.

RISE PFI has for many years built up extensive experience and competence within fiber-process interactions in mechanical pulping, and has a long history as a preferred research partner for the pulping industry. Development and implementation of novel and cost-efficient fiber conversion technologies has contributed to maintaining and strengthening the competitiveness of our industrial partners.

As the market for traditional fiber applications – such as printing papers – has been rapidly changing, novel perspectives evolve, including functionalized packaging and absorption materials, nanofiber production, fiber-based composites and bio-refinery applications. In close cooperation with actors along the entire forest-based value-chain, RISE PFI has successfully established a number of research projects targeting innovative bio-fiber processing and functionalization.