Contact: Kai Toven.

RISE PFI has in-depth experience of biorefinery technologies applying both thermochemical, chemical and biochemical conversion routes.

Our R&D activities within biorefining and bioenergy include energy densification of biomass, biomass conversion into solid and liquid biofuels, co-production of fibre materials and bio-chemicals, as well as new products derived from hemicelluloses, lignin and pyrolysis liquids.

Within thermochemical conversion, a central research topic at RISE PFI is pyrolysis oil production using fast pyrolysis technologies. A unique catalytic fast pyrolysis process development unit is currently being established at PFI.

As to chemical or biochemical conversion, RISE PFI has focus on developing new pretreatment technologies for efficient separation of hemicelluloses and lignin, as well as their conversion into high value-added products.

A unique pretreatment reactor system is now being established at RISE PFI. This reactor system will allow testing of solvent-based extraction of wood polymers at high temperatures for short retention times.