Updated: 2016-10-06

High performance wood fiber composite materials.

Contact: Gary Chinga Carrasco.

The main objective of the FiberComp project is to develop the technology platform necessary for establishing production of the next generation of biocomposites with high performance in Norway.

FiberComp aims to build on the extensive knowledge of wood fibres and polymer technology present in the consortium members to create green, bio-based composite products with a much-improved functionality, compared to the existing products on the international market. Both wood fibres and microfibrillated materials will be utilized as reinforcement components in biocomposites. The FiberComp project will form the basis for establishing a close cooperation between complementary R&D groups and Norwegian industry, which will enable the development of the processing technology for production of biocomposite products in Norway.The FiberComp project covers the complete value chain from fibre and polymers to biocomposite based products, forming thus the basis for the Norwegian biocomposite technology platform.

The FiberComp project is an initiative from PFI in cooperation with Norske Skog Saugbrugs (Project Owner), Pipelife AS, Plasto AS, Mjøselement AS, Plastal AS and Nasjonalt Senter for komposittkompetanse.

The R&D partners are Norner Research AS and Gjøvik University College. The project is partly funded by the Research Council of Norway through the BIA programme.

Project period: 2015-2018.


171018: Plasto AS, Åndalsnes

170310: Norner AS

160929: Plastal AS, Raufoss Industripark.

160623: Project meeting.

160208: PipeLife, Surnadal.

151104: Norske Skog Saugbrugs. Project meeting and discussion of status and plans.

150506: Kick-off, PFI.

Photo taken at the Norske Skog –
Saugbrugs mill

FiberComp in electronic media

180209: Productutvikling på Saugbrugs: Biokompositt

151105: The ICTP-CSIC Daily. Science highlights.


150609 – Biobased materials – facing industrial and societal needs with multidisciplinary approaches. International Workshop on Biorefinery of Lignocellulosic Materials, 9-12 June Córdoba, Spain – Invited Keynote.

150602 – Biocomposites. Zero bioplast forum. Olso, Norway.