New and innovative processes for flooring and wall products

Contact: Gary Chinga Carrasco

The overall idea of the project “ALLOC” is to develop completely new and innovative processes for flooring and wall products. ALLOC shall have unique surface properties, excellent impact and scratch-resistance. In addition, an important part is the use of side streams in the production of flooring and wall components, something that is well in line with the current bio- and circular economy efforts of the project partners.

Flooring product developed in the ElefantGolv project (2013-2017).

The project is partly funded by the Research Council of Norway, and is a cooperation between partners from industry, research institutes and university.

The project owner is Alloc AS.

The R&D partners are RISE PFI, NTNU and Åbo Akademi.

The Industrial partners are Ranheim Paper and Board, Norske Skog Saugbrugs, Thor Magne Hansen og Sønn AS and RED Beaulieu.

Project period: 2018-2022


191126 – Circular economy and flooring products?

Peer-review publications

190912 – Lignin: A Biopolymer from Forestry Biomass for Biocomposites and 3D Printing