Updated: 2015-10-07

3D printing of recycled plastics

Contact at PFI: Gary Chinga Carrasco.

The goal of the 3D Printing project is to produce 3D printing filament from recycled plastics.

It is planned that the produced 3D printing filament will be suitable to use with hobby class 3D printers.The planned activities within the project include the production of experimental composite batches, using laboratory and industrial extrusion manufacturing equipment. The resulting 3D printing filaments will be evaluated by 3D printing users, in order to get direct feedback from public users and thus optimize the performance of the material.
The project is conducted in cooperation with PFI, with Baltic3d.EU as project owner. The project is partly funded by Norway grants (NOFI/LV06/NAGS/03/42).
Project period: 2015-2016.