Contact: Gary Chinga Carrasco

The use of lignocellulosic raw materials as a resource for novel biocomposites is a strategic research field at RISE PFI.

Key aspects in this respect are the appropriate use of fibres and nanofibres, the production and utilisation of bioplastics, and the corresponding characterisation of biocomposite structures, where RISE PFI continues to make substantial contributions.

During the last years RISE PFI has established new projects with Norwegian and international industry within construction, infrastructure, automotive applications and additive manufacturing. RISE PFI has intensified the activities related to 3D (bio)printing, establishing new cooperation with R&D and industrial partners within e.g. bioprinting of nanocellulose constructs for biomedical applications, development of novel biocomposite filaments for fused deposition modelling and additional 3D (bio)printing technology.

RISE PFI considers this field to be highly relevant for custom-made 3D formed biocomposites, having a range of additional applications. Some relevant research activities we have ongoing are related to;